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First and foremost Detailing Directory is for Car Detailers "ONLY" and is designed to rank high on keyword searches for Google , Bing, Yahoo. in Sydney and around the world.

UUnlike any other Directory out there, Planet Detailing directory was designed by myself and used to out rank other search engines in keywords associated with our Business Car detailing. All Submissions to this directory are Car Detailers and Marine detailers only - Google see this as very important when indexing Planet Detail Directory -

High Keyword Searches For Car Detailers in Sydney

Research is the key to success in choesing how to advitise your service in the right area you want to target - and most directories are over priced for what they are providing to you when you do submitt your site ,if your paying any more than $25.00 per month i would ask what you are paying for before you proceed to some directory not designed for car detailers needs.

Planet Detail Directory is Indexed on Google

When opening up at web page look to the top right for the google page rank if the box is grey then the site is not indexed with google if the box is white like ours then that means the site is indexed and pages are crawled by the google bot. TRUST ONLY THESE SITES Important to relaise that the Google bot is looking for the keyword you just typed in to find a car detailer in sydney ie: (car detailing sydney, mobile car detailing sydney)

To learn more about how to index your site with google we can come to you in Sydneyclick herefor more information

Google Adwords

Planet Detail Directory uses Google Adwords xstenslivley to place our web site high on Google, It is near imposiably to index your own site using your own website url unless you have your own Google adword compain operating, We use Google adword compains to maxamise keyword hits for client keyword searches so that planet detail directory is on the first page of the Google search page, we also organicly use keywords on the front page of our web site



For more information on prices please contact us on 0432333581